Managed Portfolios

Centaur started as a portfolio manager for individuals and this remains a significant portion of our business. Due to the individualised nature of the portfolio management process we require a minimum investment of R3 million.


To safeguard all our customers, we are registered asset managers with the Financial Services Board and comply strictly with all of its regulations.

All shares and cash are registered in your name and held at PSG Online which is a member of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and one of the largest private client stockbrokers in South Africa. Your portfolio is held in your name and guaranteed by the fidelity fund of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

No Entry or Exit Cost

Life is unpredictable and our managed portfolios understand that. Should you have an unexpected need for cash or if your investment objectives change, our managed portfolios cater for that as there are no entry or exit fees and the portfolios can be wholly or partially exited at short notice.

Alternatively, should you wish to change your investment objectives, for example from savings to retirement, you can do so at no extra cost after discussion with your fund manager.


Market Beating Investment Methodology

Our investment methodology rests on weighing up the risk and rewards inherent in the current share price of a listed company and based on that we build a diversified portfolio of shares with high expected returns and low correlations with each other. This methodology is what allows us to significantly outperform our investment benchmarks with substantially lower risk.

Customised Service

Before investing on your behalf we ascertain your needs such as your time horizon, age, risk profile, tax profile and so on - and because we see managing your portfolio as a part of a holistic financial plan, our aim is to provide independent financial advice on long-term financial planning in order to meet your needs. Once we determine what type of portfolio is optimal for you, we then set a benchmark against which our performance can be measured.

High Level of Transparency

You will be able to view your portfolio and trading history at any time via the internet. You will also receive monthly statements of your account and a quarterly performance statement detailing your performance against the relevant benchmark. An annual realised capital gains statement is sent to all clients to minimise the inconvenience of accounting for capital gains and we also provide you with a unique performance statement so you can see how your portfolio is performing relative to the overall market.